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Assess and monitor environmental performance
Your decision-support platform to assess real-time climate impact, risk and monitor the environmental performance of your city’s assets.
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Your foundationfor decision making
Platform designed for monitoring real-time environmental conditions and the effectiveness of climate adaptation efforts for policy, future developments, and planning assessments
How it works

You Select

Tell us about your needs and we'll help you craft the right strategy to setup sensor hardware, from a building to a city-wide scale.

We Connect

Senscity takes care of the plumbing. We make sure you get the data you need, delivered to your desk or mobile.

You Receive

Our platform generates insights for your team and notifies you about situational alerts, so you can take action.

You Create

Subscribe to our APIs and integrate new insights into your existing services, or build your own apps on top of our stack.

What We Provide
Real time insights,at any scale
Senscity uses real-time sensor observations, and global weather and remote-sensing data to uncover insights that help you monitor the performance of your projects

Urban Heat Impact

Analyze heat impacts, such as heatwaves, vulnerability and exposure from heat anomalies.

Green Infrastructure Performance

Monitor evapotranspiration, soil moisture content and temperature to observe impact on cooling and energy consumption.

Air Quality Conditions

Particulate and gas monitoring insights to track conditions and set alerts based on compliance needs or standards such as EPA and WHO.

Storm Water Monitoring

Understand the impact of heavy precipitation. We help identify flood risk zones for your infrastructure.

Enterprise Solutions
Custom integrationsfor every industry
We listen to your needs to tailor insights, automate alerts and generate reporting for your compliance requirements.
  • Monitor

    We aggregate and collect real-time to near real-time and historical weather data to monitor at a hyper-local, precinct and regional scale.

  • Analyze

    Our data pipelines uncover insights, detect anomalies and issue alerts. We also provide APIs for you to query the data, so you can run analysis on your own infrastructure. Talk to us about available options.

  • Visualize

    Our dashboard provides reporting features that allow users to analyze and visualize climactic and environmental data and share results.

Platform to supportcritical decision making
Data architecture built for a multitude of purposes to work with flexible sensor configurations. Analytics engine for advanced data insights, and an API to create your own system workflows.

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Drop us a line. Let's discuss how we can help your organization monitor, analyze and visualize climate and environmental impacts.

Why do cities adopt Senscity?

Our team is here to help you understand climate and environmental impacts and risks on your buildings, precincts or cities, every step along the way, all the way from planning to implementation. We're open to hear from you about your use cases and we'll work with you to solve those needs and create tangible solutions.

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